Assigned Pooling

Learn what Assigned Pooling is and how to make your one-of-a-kind work of art.

Knit with custom hand-dyed yarn.

Ask questions, get answers.

Who? A collaboration between 29 Bridges Studio and Knitting Fairy Godmother

What? Learn about Assigned Pooling

Where? Live, Virtual on Zoom

When? 7:00 pm on Tuesday; February 22, March 22

How Much? $30.00 (for all 3 sessions; recordings available) or use your QR code with yarn purchase from 29 Bridges Studio

Why? For FUN - something to look forward to

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What do I need to get started?

You'll need some assigned pooling yarn.

Purchase from 29 Bridges Studio and use the QR Code on the label to get the Pattern Ebook and Sign Up.

Have different Yarn? Sign up to get the Ebook, Live Q&A Invitation and access to the extras.

I have a Free Gift with Purchase QR do I use it?

Scan the QR Code from your yarn label. Fill out the form with your name & email, no credit card required. You'll get an email with the Assigned Pooling Ebook and immediate access to the Perk Portal.

I don't know what Assigned Pooling is...

Assigned Pooling is an advanced beginner technique. It's based on simple stitches and it doesn't require a lot of concentration. It's a TV Knitting level project.

I didn't buy my yarn from 29 Bridges - can I still join?

Absolutely YES! We're talking about the best type of yarn to use for the assigned pooling technique.

I've never done <a shawl, a fingering project, an asymmetrical triangle shape>?

This is an opportunity to try new things. It's an advanced beginner level project. As the knitter or crocheter you can decide if you want to add some flair or keep it simple. We'll talk about how to customize the technique for the project you love.

If you have any questions email or reach out on social media - we're happy to help!