The 9 philosophies that I knit and live by.

ALL knitting is GOOD knitting.

Can you make the knit stitch? Great you're in the club. We are so glad you can join us.

Effort is rewarded.

Good things happen when you show up and try.

Magical things happen when you are curious.

Try and see. We are playing with magic wand sticks, string and spell books. There is nothing serious going on here.

There is a beginning, middle and end to all things.

New Project Energy, Middle-itis and Finishing are all predictable parts of a knitting project and life.

YES convention, AND whimsy.

The paradox of yes, and. Yes, we can be Serious Knitters™ AND covered in glitter with rainbow stickers.

Connecting to community is powerful.

EVERYONE has a knitting story. Watch non-knitting strangers get misty eyed when they see us knitting and tell a story about special someone in their life who "did this". Knitting is an opportunity to connect to our loved ones and each other.

Practice and repetition are the best teachers.

Teachers may impart information but you are the only one who may access knowledge. You learn the MOST from your own experience, a little practice goes a long way. See knit-I-festo 2 & 3.

Magic exists.

What is Magic to you? The practical application of the Golden Rule or mystical experiences with the Divine? The miracle of holding a newborn baby or how happy your cat is to be fed? Does it matter? You get to choose the Proper-Noun-Name that works for you, for simplicity we'll just call it Magic because <hello> wands, sticks, string and spell books.